Allied Forces in Southern Europe

STATUS: Used on Italian military installations by Allied Forces before 1968.  In use since approximately the 1950's.


PLATES WERE: oversized plates with "AFSE" under a red and gold "lion and sword" crest, all fully embossed.  The number was in tall, narrow dies, sometimes roller painted, other times spray-stencilled.  Plates were numbered from 1 to 9999, at which time prefix letters came into use.  Even later, the series changed to letter suffixes.  US military personnel stationed in Livorno had red on white plates, five digits with a "C" prefix.  There also are known to exist some "official" plates, in black on white, with a "17" prefix, a letter, and a three digit number, with the legend "ITALY" across the bottom.


Header plate from the PL8S photo archive.

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