British Honduras

STATUS: Former British territory, now known as Belize.

CAPITAL: Belize City

WORLD LOCATION: Central America


FORMER SLOGANS: "Land of Opportunity" in the mid 1960's. The plates for British Honduras were manufactured by the same source that made the Arkansas plates of that era, hence the strange slogan.

PLATES WERE: Owner provided, then later, officially issued. Earliest plates were white on black, with BP and a low number (Belize Private). Dark green BH plates were also known (Belize Hire). In the 1940's, the prefix letters were dropped. Sometime around the 1950's, American style plates began to appear. Private cars had a PV prefix in the 1960's, then later switched to a C prefix.

Known non-passenger types are as follows:

Public Service (1940's) - white on green.

Official Vehicle (1940's) - white on red

Public Service (1950's) - white on green, simple number from 3000 to 4999.

Government Vehicle (1950's) - white on blue, numbered from 5000 to 5999.

Trucks (1950's) - white on black, from 7000 to 7999.

Trucks (1960's) - CV prefix

Government Vehicle (1960's) - GV prefix

Public Service (1960's) - PS

Agricultural - A prefix, black plate

Central Government - B prefix, blue plate

Taxis - D prefix, green plate

Bicycles - round plates, with BCC above a three digit number.



CARS DRIVE ON: Right (since 1961)

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