Please feel free to email me, but check the following list first:

1. I'm only interested in INTERNATIONAL (Foreign) bottles and cans.

2. I have NO interest in any type of COMMEMERATIVE bottles or cans - only standard issues.

3. I have most of the more common issues - Germany, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Spain, Russia, Canada - if you have a bottle or can from an obscure jurisdiction, I'm probably interested.

4. I have nothing to sell or trade right now - almost all of my bottles and cans are non-dupe, as I buy a lot from eBay sellers, as well as the single items I get from world bottlers.

5. I know NOTHING about U.S. bottles.

6. If you need an i.d. on a foreign bottle, be sure to include a photo in either jpeg or gif format.

If you still have a question or bottle/can to offer, please drop me a line!  As long as it's along the guidelines above, I will respond to your email - thanks again!