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The printed version of PL8S Magazine is currently wrapping up its run - we've had almost 113 issues of PL8S since 1988, but exorbitant priting costs, and the advent of the Internet and has pretty much made a printed version of a hobby magazine unnecessary and obsolete.

If you're a paid up subscriber to PL8S, you're not "on the outs" - as of February of 2005, I have an interesting 100 page "final issue" coming up... as opposed to all the previous issues, this final publication will be more along the lines of a license plate hobby GUIDE book.  It will include a ton of photos, but will also have useful information like a grading chart, terminologies, a DMV list, and some other features that will be handy to have in a printed format.

IMPORTANT!  If you're a current subscriber, PLEASE email your home address if it has changed over the last few years - I need to have all working addresses on hand when the final book goes out.

Any other questions, PLEASE feel free to email me -