Welcome to the Coke Bottles of the World Home Page - feel free to write to me with any comments!

If you have any FOREIGN COKE bottles or cans, please email me with your offerings. I'm always interested in adding to my collection!
Please note:
I don't collect commemeratives, only standard FOREIGN bottles, and now I specialize in ONLY Coke bottles and cans.

I now have approximately 900 different foreign bottles, and the following foreign bottle photos represent a small portion - I have many more countries than those shown, however, there are still a LARGE number of countries I need - if you're not sure, email me and ask - if I need it, I'll BUY or TRADE! - Drewski

I also know nothing about antique bottles, identification of early American bottles, or special edition/commemeratives. Please don't be offended if I don't write back concerning question about these items - I really have no info about this kind of thing, and even less time to write and explain why.

I started collecting foreign Coke bottles about two years ago, while perusing the flea markets for license plates to add to my collection. (Feel free to stop by my license plate page, too!) One day I stumbled across a vendor with a whole crapload of interesting Coke collectibles, but the few full Coke bottles with the unusual scripts caught my eye. I picked up an arabic bottle, and one with Thai scripts, and my foreign Coke collection was under way.

As time permits, I'll shoot each one of my bottles, and it will be available for viewing from the links below. Please stop in regularly, as I will be updating often, and I'll eventually have over hundreds of pictures available for viewing of bottles from Aden to Zambia.

Thanks! Drew

Bottle caps pictured in the header photo, L-R, top to bottom:  Poland, Thailand, Kenya, Austria, Estonia (the only BLACK cap I've ever seen!), Slovenia, Jordan, Israel, Romania, Philippines, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates.



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Last update - 5/20/2006

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