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I'm putting together a set of motorcycle plates from every issuing jurisdiction on the globe.  I NEED the ones below that are in RED.  I have all the US issues, including DC, all the Canadians, as well as territorials, and most of the national issues. The Bahamas motorcycles are also included in the Bahamas section - I now have all of the Bahamas islands.

Do you have one that's not listed, like some special temporary cycle, military forces (like US Forces In... etc)?? - LET ME KNOW! I'm interested, and will buy or trade, and bump up the total number I need - I'm looking for ALL of the foreign motorcycle plates!  Standard private motorcycle plates are my priority, but non-passenger versions are also of interest.

TAP THE SMALL PHOTO TO SEE A LARGER PHOTO - Listings in BLACK are plates in my collection - generally, these are not available for trade, but I'm open to offers for upgrade or different years or numbers.  Listings in BLUE are additional plates, usually an off-type of some sort.  These may be available for trade, just contact me with your offer!
Namibia - have current motorcycle, plexi number N34 over 55S.

Nassau - Have 1977 issue, gvg - number 1. - Old pre-1975 series hand painted number 7931.

Natal Province - Have 1970's vintage motorcycle, embossed white on black.

Nauru - Have blue on white former series number 10-001, vgex - have Goverment motorcycle number R-978 - have recent series white/black 11161.

Nazi Germany, SS - World War II - SS motorcycle

Nazi Germany, Military - ARMY motorcycle (Wehrmacht Heer) - have composite material, curved front plate

Nazi-era Germany - Motorcycle, from the town of Baden.  Single sided, heavy steel.

Nebraska - Have EX 69, black/white 1-13310 - Dealer 1976, number 10-36 - 1970's vintage Police motorcycle 1268 - 1933 private motorcycle, original vg number 2, from county 72.

Nepal - Have VG fancy curved front - red on white Government motorcycle, large rear square - blue on yellow National Corporation motorcycle, front plate - white on blue Diplomatic motorcycle, front motorcycle - trishaw, old series hand painted oval shape, with full legend at the top.


Netherlands - Current large two liner, MJ2 over 2YK - 1950s vintage prussian blue priv.motorcycle - HH "moped travelling abroad" issue 16553 - 1920's vintage Temporary Tourist front motorcycle - Army Aggregrate motorcycle SH07-48 - Military Police motorcycle KS 30-05 - have 1972 moped plate, PQM over 211.

Netherlands Forces in Germany - 1975 series motorcycle plate, large two liner.

Nevada - Have 82 EX- white/blue vanity ITW-2 - Dealer 1968 D165 - Movie Prop number BX470 (changed from exempt EX 470) - have 1970 series motorcycle dealer D-18 - have only known example of State Senator motorcycle, number 9 (1981) - Nevada Highway Patrol number 407.


New Brunswick - Have 96 mint, number MC29875 - have 2005 "ship graphic" motorcycle, excellent - have mint 1960 motorcyclenumber 1-679.

New Caledonia - Have recent series motorcycle, received directly from the island.

New (East) Sudan

Newfoundland and Labrador - Have red/white/blue issue, gvg condition.

New Guinea - Have late 1950's vintage motorcycle, two liner number 1610, excellent.

New Hampshire - Have 1974 passenger motorcycle, number 830, excellent - vanity motorcycle 1972 number SKIP - Dealer number 90-A - cardboard temporary number 76 - Have unusual red on white motorcycle number 40153, with error paint job (reverse painted).

New Hebrides

New Jersey - Have 80 VGEX, black/straw 636NJ

New Mexico - Have 72 EX, red/white M67862 - Dealer number DL9075 - have maroon on turquoise Official Motorcycle, low number 17- have XC Government series XC-25 - have 1971 private motorcycle, number M 1001.

New South Wales - Have black/yellow vgex - Dealer, brown on white - have yellow on green 1960's Vintage Cycle plate, with NEWCASTLE club attachment - have early version "non-legend" Antique motorcycle plate, used by the Goulburn Veteran & Vintage Car Club, gold on maroon number 003.

New York - Have 67 EX, orange/blue #27A16 - have 1981 motorcycle Dealer plate, number 6130 - have Nassau County Police motorcycle, white/blue number 995.

New Zealand - Current refl. white two liner, number 81 SBB - 1970's motorcycle number 1EEJ - Dealer, number D11 - 1956 motorcycle number 29*913 - 1940 motorcycle, white on dark red number 18,390 - have current single liner number 22TQY.

Ngaraard - have current issue, number 5 - mint.

Ngarchelong   - Have 1988 excellent, number 10.


Ngardmau State

Ngarmelengui State

Ngatpang State - Have current series, orange and brown on refl white.  Mint

Ngchesar State - Have current yellow/green/black/red graphic with birds, number 5 - mint.

Ngiwal State

Nicaragua - Have current red/white Libre, VG - Army motorcycle 2108 - Government motorcycle 1959, number GN 51 - State Motorcycle, number 00136 - private Managua issue, with error prefix - M is upside down.

Niger - Have a 1970's vintage motorcycle, from Niamey, number 5294 NY2 - Have a well used, current series ONG/Tech Staff motorcycle, orange on green with hologram and RN legend, number 328.  


Nigeria - Have white on black passenger motorcycle, number KD51007CA, vg with odd flat dies. - Government motorcycle, silver on green number 5FGN831 - Motorcycle Dealer number DOD4Y, embossed silver on black - have owner provided plexi motorcycle AN 7856 WM with Nike "swoosh", and "GOD FIRST" legend - have newer owner-provided current, with gradient and slogan, broken - have 1970's vintage POLICE motorcycle, number NPF 5962A (Nigerian Police Forces), used with vibration cracks and tu, have front curved standard issue KAD 6866, stencilled on steel.

Niue - Have an early series passenger, same as used on motorcycles.  Black/white number 635.  vg

Norfolk Island - Have black/yellow C-981, VGEX used

North Carolina - Have 71 VG green/white 2221 MB - Dealer 1983 MD-1036 - cardboard temporary mc 4068-MS

North Dakota - Have 70 EX, green/white 11596 - 1973 Dealer number 84.

Northern Cape - current series motorcycle with picture of gemsbok on a plain.

Northern Ireland - Have black on reflective white two liner, number BZ over 1626, vg condition used - have 1950's vintage Londonderry Police motorcycle, two sided number 56 90120.

Northern Province - current series motorcycle with crest.

Northern Marianas Islands - Have 1980's vintage motorcycle 1520.

Northern Territory (Australia) - 1970's vintage orange on refl white number 38-164 - ochre/white "Nature Territory" prototype issue, number 436-05 - 1950's first issue number 11-487 - have white on green Tourist motorcycle (discontinued type), number TV (Tour Vehicle) -206 - have white on black  1950's vintage first issue matched set, with off-type dies, number 12-554.

North Korea - Have yellow embossed "7" series motorcycle, number 16, probably 1980's vintage, from Hwanghae-Bukdo - have black/white late 1980's vintage Government motorcycle, embossed steel - from Sinuiju (P'yôngan Bukdo) - number was restamped from "634" - have private motorcycle 4-2501 (reverse has white government motorcycle number remains) - have private motorcycle 4-1436, with embossed round seal - have double-sided motorcycle, heavy flat steel.  White government motorcycle side is number 1-3753, private motorcycle series (yellow) is number 4-1357 - have black on ORANGE private motorcycle, number 4-2363, well used.

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North Vietnam - Have older black/silver Hanoi issue (29 code), vg

Northwest Province - Have current motorcycle, with graphics.

Northwest Territories - Have mint 1971 issue, number 50 - 1984 bear issue 1176.

Norway - Have current number FV over 1560, vgex condition, black on refl white.- have 1950's vintage front plate, black on silver heavy embossed, E-73310.

Nova Scotia - Have 79 VGEX, blue/white #1-66-00 - Dealer 1966, number 15 - have mint 1967 motorcycle number 54-40.

Nunavut - Have excellent used 2005 issue motorcycle.



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